Projet HYDROMET : Dr Joseph BEOGO est désormais installé dans ses fonctions de chargé de Projet

Appointed by the Council of Ministers in its meeting of Wednesday February 05, 2020, Project Manager for the strengthening of climate resilience in Burkina Faso (HYDROMET Project), Dr Joseph BEOGO, Professor and researcher at the University of Norbert ZONGO has been officially installed in his functions by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport, Urban Mobility and Road Safety, Mr. Bernard BEBA, on Thursday March 19, 2020, in the premises of the HYDROMET project, located in Ouaga 2000.

Joseph BEOGO is now installed in his functions as Project Manager for the strengthening of climate resilience in Burkina Faso (HYDROMET Project). He now has the heavy responsibility of working to fight the worsening risks associated with climate change and natural disasters in Burkina Faso. He will have to work in concert with the entire chain of actors in the project so as to accelerate efforts to modernize hydrometeorological infrastructures and initiate concrete measures to improve the management of catastrophic risks throughout the national territory. .

Clearly, Mr. BEOGO and the HYDROMET Project team will have to work to make available to the local populations (farmers, breeders) information on weather and climate forecasts so as to enable them to better plan their work schedule in order to better agricultural yields and good animal production. They will all need to invest in improving climate resilience and responding to natural disasters.

For the brand new Project Manager, it is a feeling of gratitude towards the highest authorities of the Ministry in charge of Transport and to the President of Faso, His Excellency Mr. Rock Marc Christian KABORE for the trust placed in him. Dr BEOGO says he is counting on the accompaniment and support of the Transport and Meteorology Program Manager, HYDROMET Project Coordinator, Mr Fulbert ZONGO and his collaborators to accomplish his mission well.

As for the Secretary General of the MTMUSR, on behalf of the Minister, Vincent T. DABILGOU invited all the actors in the HYDROMET Project implementation chain to support the new Project Manager in his mission and to work to make the HYDROMET Project , a center for managing risks related to natural disasters and the harmful effects of climate change. The SG indicated that the concern to initiate a sustainable development and a sustainable economic growth obliges the actors of the development to invest in priority in the reduction of the catastrophic risks and in the adaptation to climate change.

As a reminder, it was under the leadership of the World Bank that the Africa HYDROMET program was launched in 2018 in Burkina Faso. It aims to improve meteorological infrastructure in the hydro-agricultural sector, transport, civil aviation, natural resource management, the environment, energy and risk management related to natural disasters.