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Project beneficiaries

The final beneficiaries of the project are:

  • the general population, which is reinforced with better quality information on hydrological and climatic conditions
  • the population vulnerable to flood and drought risks who will benefit from early warning systems
  • farmers who will receive better agro-meteorological services in the targeted areas and crops.
  • Finally, the institutions which, for their part, will also benefit from an increased capacity to provide HYDROMET data and services.

The project will significantly expand the number of users of HYDROMET services, promoting the use of HYDROMET information by audiences (farmers and livestock breeders).

Ultimately, the results of the project will enable the strategic mobilization of resources before climate-related disasters, in order to provide the populations with effective support with regard to reducing the risks of floods and drought. They will significantly contribute to improved productivity in climate-sensitive socioeconomic sectors, including agriculture, health, energy, transport and water resources management. In addition, investments in early warning systems will have a direct impact on reducing the impact of disasters.