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Project components

The project has five (05) components, including three (03) components dedicated to capacity building and institutional development, improvement of infrastructure and improvement of service delivery. The fourth component is devoted to project management and the last relates to emergency response.

The details of these five components are as follows:

  • Component A: Capacity building and institutional development
    This component will contribute to institutional development and human capacity building in the provision of hydrometeorological services, early warning and response to natural disasters.
  • Component B: Improvement of hydrometeorological and early warning infrastructure
    This component will finance the observation network, hardware and software necessary for the collection, development, conservation and communication of data in addition to specialized equipment, civil engineering works (renovation or extension of existing facilities) of the five (05) structures which are: ANAM, DGRE, DGPC, SP / CONASUR, SAP.
  • Component C: Strengthening of services and alerts to users and communities
    This component will promote user and community access to simpler, more accurate and real-time hydrometeorological and early warning services. In particular, this will involve strengthening user and community access to hydrometeorological and climate information services from ANAM, DGRE, SAP, DGPC and SP / CONASUR.
  • Component D: Project Management
    This component will finance the following activities: operating costs, technical design of sub-projects, procurement, financial management, environmental and social safeguards measures, monitoring-evaluation, communication, quality control and contract management , audit, studies and evaluations required under the various components of the Project. More specifically, it will involve supporting Project management activities, monitoring, evaluating and building the capacities of Project beneficiaries and stakeholders, coordinating and executing Project activities at central and municipal level, by through the provision of technical assistance, preparation of relevant reports, training, running costs and goods required for this purpose.
  • Component E: Intervention in emergency or crisis situations
    This component will provide an immediate response to an eligible crisis or emergency, if required. In the event of a natural disaster, the Government of Burkina Faso has the option of requesting the World Bank to reallocate Project funds in order to support mitigation, response, recovery and reconstruction measures. This component will be financed by resources from the unallocated expenditure category or by the reallocation of funds from other components in order to partially cover the costs of recovery and emergency response. It can also be used to channel additional funds if it is an eligible emergency.